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Filter World Pty. Ltd. commenced operation in 2001, growing from the existing business GV Filtered Water Coolers (est. 1995), with its main focus on sales and servicing of filtered drinking water coolers. We have steadily grown over the years into a very successful and popular business proving indispensable to many customers throughout the district.

Water is a very important part of life and Filter World’s many years of experience has proven the need for a supply of fresh, healthy drinking water at an affordable price.

As a distributor for many major Australian Drinking Water Associated Companies, we are able to supply you with a full range of products, parts and accessories. Thanks to our large supplier base we have access to the best and latest products available on the market, fulfilling our company aim to provide YOU the customer with the best Service, Product and Price!

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The owners of Filter World Pty. Ltd., Gary and Dianne McNamara, are committed to obtaining and maintaining customer satisfaction. Since settling in Yarrawonga and raising their family (children and pets!) they have become an integral part of the community and strive to promote the health benefits of fresh, clean drinking water with their friends, family, and wider community.

Director of the company since 2001, Gary has developed an excellent rapport with his customers, ensuring that all receive the appropriate advice and service. Prior to buying the business, Gary served in the Australian Defence Force (both Navy and Airforce) as an Aircraft Electrical Technician. During this time he developed excellent management skills and work practices, as well as recognising the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle – including drinking plenty of pure, fresh water. Through his business, Gary is proud to be able to assist others by supplying the best water at the best price. In his spare time Gary enjoys playing golf and flying.

Filter World is a regular fixture at community markets in Yarrawonga and surrounds

Dianne also has a passion for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. As a qualified Naturopath she knows the importance of drinking pure, clean water and regrets that so much of our natural water is contaminated by additives and pollutants. She strives to assist others to obtain access to sufficient clean, fresh drinking water in order to maintain healthy normal body functioning and prevent imbalances such as dehydration headaches, constipation and other ailments. Dianne also has her own business making covers and accessories for light aircraft, fitting in with her and Gary’s passion for flying – whenever time and weather permits, they enjoy flying their own Microlight aircraft.

View of Yarrawonga and Lake Mulwala from the microlight aircraft. (The lake is drained in winter, revealing the course of the river)

Both Gary and Dianne can assist you in obtaining a water purification system to meet your needs, whether for your home or business. We are confident that your friends, staff, and customers will greatly appreciate the benefits of such a system.

Contact Us:

Phone: Office (03) 5744 1990

Mobile 0427 F I L T E R

(0427 3 4 5 8 3 7)

Address: Hangar 28, 51 John Duigan Drive, Yarrawonga VIC 3730

Email: gary@filterworld.com.au

Our Aim:

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed!


Testimonials and Customers Recommendations are both very important to the success of all businesses as they provide potential new customers the reassurance that there are many very happy customers willing to recommend them.

However, the list may actually be very misleading and out of date, which does not necessarily reflect the true current state of the business.

Because of this we have not listed any Testimonials or Recommendations.

Through our main work in sales and servicing of filtered drinking water coolers Filter World has a large number of satisfied customers who have been doing business with us for many years. A lot of these customers have provided us with many glowing compliments. Our business is on the preferred list of suppliers with one of this region’s largest medical facilities.

We are positive that many of our customers would be very happy to recommend us to you.

Filter World’s customers list includes the following:
(Due to the privacy act we have not listed customer’s details.)

  • Medical/ Health care Facilities: Hospitals, Dental, Aged Care / Nursing Homes, Child Day Care, Mental / Community Health, Emergency Services.

  • Educational: Pre-schools, Primary Schools, TAFE, Adult Education centres and Libraries.

  • Hospitality: Restaurants, Pubs and Clubs.

  • Industrial: Building, Contractors, Mechanics, Electrical, Paint shops, and Farming.

  • Sales / Service: Retail outlets, Automotive, Hardware, Australia Post, Real Estate, Aviation, Transport, Media, and Accountants.

  • Others: Residential, Churches, Local Government Departments, Charity / Fund raising events, Recreational / Sporting, Aboriginal sector, Convention Centres, Administration Offices etc.


If you would like a current opinion from a reliable source from one or more of our customers, we will be happy to provide you with names and contact numbers. Many freely discuss their dealing with us. Of course, this will be done only with their permission.

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